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Tourist activities: Langhe, Monferrato and Roero

Langhe, Monferrato and Roero constitute a vast area of Southern Piedmont, a territory whose homogenous productive, commercial and cultural characteristics date back to ancient times.
There are three areas with different environmental characteristics, but that interpenetrate creating a whole rich in vineyards, castles and historic centers of great architectural importance.

They are crossed but not divided from river Tanaro.
The territorial delimitation is based on historical and commercial origins.
It is a "small country" for its daily liveliness, for the spoken, for the traditions and especially for the cuisine and truffles.

A story of noble presence and wars between Alba and Asti that aniway failed to provide diversity of life.
In fact, this community of farmers was unfortunately always been committed to tackle the problems of a miserable and difficult life, sometimes stealing to the wood and rocks a row to break up and grow.
The villages perched on the hillsides are all rather similar and generally dominated by a church bell tower and turrets of a castle.

A differentiation is in construction: the sandstone dominates in the Langhe, while in Monferrato and Roero the brick made from the red clay characterizes the hills.
One difference among these three areas can be noted in the materials used in their buildings: in the Langhe sandstone is the most common building material, while in Monferrato and Roero is the bricks extracted from the "red earth" that characterizes the hills.

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