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Offres spèciales

Valide de 21/04/2014 à 31/08/2014

Roman "Municipium" known as Hasta Pompeia or simply Hasta, was the seat of the Duke of Asti, the Lombard Duchy of Neustria. Free commune in the Middle Ages, with the right to "coin money," was one of the most important commercial centers between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, its merchants developed trade and credit in Europe.

Come and visit Asti and its history!

In Palazzo Mazzetti a beautiful exhibition of artists and patrons of the '600 in a frontier town

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BASINETTO - Weddings and Conference Centre
Valide de 20/03/2014 à 31/12/2020

Hotel Palio & Basinetto: a perfect marriage!
Thanks to the synergie between Hotel Palio & Basinetto,
a new way to doing hospitality takes shape

Click HERE

to be redirect to Basinetto web site,
for your special events or business meetings.

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Asti, Langhe, Monferrato Où sommes-nous: Asti Centre

Hôtel Palio Asti