Tourist activities

The Castles

Every hill and every village in the Langhe, Monferrato and Roero areas is dominated by the imposing form of a castle or tower. It's a feature synthesized by a verse of Carducci: "[...] nell'esultante di castella e vigne, suol d'Aleramo" ([...] in the exultation of castles and vineyards, the land of Alermo"). These buildings tell stories of noble families and violent clashes among landowners, vassals and mini-states; a land that was invaded and pillaged, but never tamed.

Eloquent testimony is provided by the history of free communes and the republics of Alba and Asti, protagonists of continuous struggles and battles for the dominion of these hills. Within this historical context, the presence of Savoy too must also be considered a presence which left a legacy of sumptuous residences. The wonderfuls natural landscape of vineyards, gorges and woodlands is also enhanced by monumental creations, powerful works of medieval, renaissance, baroque and 19th century architecture. Imposing terracotta forms, sandstone fortresses, beautifully crafted constructions, noble palaces designed by famous artists, all constitute a unique heritage, the pride of a land with characteristics of great historical and architectural heritage.

Unfortunately, many castles, being privately owned, can not be visited and therefore can be seen only in the outer perimeter.